LEARNOVATION is a consensus-building operation aiming at refreshing the European lifelong learning agenda by aggregating interest of the major EU and national actors active in education and eLearning (in the form of a Stakeholders Round Table) around a new shared vision of innovation in learning, that embeds ICT for learning as well as lifelong learning in a comprehensive and future-oriented perspective.

The LEARNOVATION Stakeholders Round Table idea was launched on the 16th October 2007 in the context of the eLearning Conference organised within the Portuguese Presidency of the EU, and will be open to discussion and integrations until the 20th of November. Its final version will be presented in the context of the Online Educa Berlin Conference.

Elements of “paternity” of the operation, that runs under the coordination of Claudio Dondi, President of Scienter, can be found in the European Distance ad E-learning Network, the ODL Liaison Committee, EUROPACE, the MENON Network, the European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning, the HELIOS Observatory, the study on Benchmarking European Policy to support eLearning in Enterprises

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